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Navigate the Holiday Season

…and still keep on writing   The leaves are turning brown, the need for scarves and bobble hats is increasing

cockney rhyming slang

Ready for Cockney Rhyming Slang?

  Ahhh London, a mega-city, great metropolis and one of the finest places in the world. With millions of people

éditeur indépendant

Et si devenir éditeur indépendant était un jeux d’enfants?

La vie d’un éditeur indépendant n’est pas tous les jours simple. L’idée de vendre le fruit de son du labeur

hugh hefner

Publishing lessons from Hugh Hefner

  As you have probably heard in the news, and seen all over social media, Hugh Hefner passed away aged

Best websites for writing skills

  There is always room for improvement, whether you are looking for a small daily tip or are debating a

photographe autodidacte

Colin Salmon, photographe et éditeur indépendant conquit

Une interview avec Colin Salmon, un utilisateur et photographe autodidacte conquit. Qui à dit qu’être un photographe autodidacte était impossible?

Print your masterpiece into a beautiful book

  Print your masterpiece: Are you a creative mastermind? Do you scribble down your ideas and thoughts whilst on-the-go? Put


Top Museums in the World

  Whether you want to see famous paintings, learn more about history or are curious about culture, a trip to

Afi Magazine

It is possible: being a full-time surgeon and editor-in chief

His love for fashion photography is so great that he works on his magazine whenever he has time off from


How to get inspiration for creative writing

  Creative writing : Summer is over, the rain has descended and the time to stop procrastinating has officially begun.