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Peecho's mission is to become the primary infrastructure for the transformation of digital information into other forms.

From bits to atoms

We allow virtual information to be accessible as tangible objects in 2D or 3D, but only produced when and where needed: with respect for the planet.


On demand transformation of digital assets obliterates the need for mass production. Local manufacturing eliminates transport. The earth profits.


Business model

Our business model is simple. Peecho operates as the intermediary between third-party applications and print facilities. We facilitate ordering, production, delivery and customer service. Our wholesale pricing includes a profit margin.

Our cloud print network can be accessed in several ways.



Peecho launched as API platform for print as a service and was awarded best business model at TheNextWeb.


With launching customer Issuu, the Simple Print Button was revealed, with an Accenture Innovation Award as a result.


We partnered with Peak Capital and DHG. The first 1000 customers signed up, including Rijksmuseum, ABN AMRO and Sanoma.


After many requests, we launched the Simple Print Service.

Peecho in the Urbanathlon 2012



Martijn Groot

CEO and co-founder. In charge of good vibrations and tactical celebrations.

Sander Nagtegaal

CTO and co-founder. Avid martial artist. Loves astronaut architectures.

Peter Arensman

VP Business Development US. Networks like no other.


Marcel Panse

Chief architect. Does not allow astronaut architectures.

Stephan van Eijkelenburg

Chaos monkey. If it ain't broken, he'll break it.

Willem Vermeer

Java sage and master of ceremony.


Gloria Quintanilla

Mistress of written wonders.

Jacqueline van Bergen

Always happy to help you out.

Wendy Moedt

Makes every problem go into oblivion.


Peecho owns a couple of LCD screens and some laptops. For the rest, we run entirely in the cloud. Therefore, we are proud to be selected as Amazon Technology Partner.

We like to share our knowledge. For example, check out how our architecture works on HighScalability, or read more about our cloud philosophy.

Peecho, certified Amazon technology partner

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What does "Peecho" mean?

Noun. Pronounced: Pee-cho. The word is used to describe a person, place, thing or behavior that is one or all of the following: incredibly cheesey, corny, lame, poser-ish, and generally trying way to hard to be cool. Read more in the Urban Dictionary.

Why the penguin?

Over 20 years ago, the penguin was designed as a graffiti symbol. Sander used it as an alternative for his graffiti tag name to prevent handwriting experts from the justice department to spoil the fun.

Peecho New York (USA)
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Peecho Amsterdam (NL)
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Peecho representative USA

228 East 45th Street, 9th floor
New York, NY 10017
United States of America

Peter Arensman, VP of business development
+1 (212) 681 2574

Peecho HQ

Rokin 75-5
1012 KL, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Martijn Groot, Chief Executive Officer
+31 (0)6 4000 4007